Small Capacity Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer specialized for Substation
⭕ Safe, hardly inflammable and no polution for environment protection.The transformer can be installed in load center.
⭕ With Germany HTT cast technology,the transformers have some features, such as higher mechanical strength, great ablity
⭕ withstand short-circuit,no partial discharge, high reliability.
⭕ Low losses, low noise level, maintenance free, easy installation and obvious low operation cost.
⭕ Better dissipation of heat, the transformer can operate up to 150% of its rated load under air-forced cooling condition. Highly moisture-proof.The transformer can operate normally under higher relative humidity condition.
⭕ Temperature protection and surveillance system is available to assure safe and reliable service of transformer.
GB1094.11《干式变压器》;《Dry Type Transformer》
GB1094.1~5《电力变压器》;《Power Transformer》

EC60076《电力变压器》;《Power Transformer》

GB/T10228《干式电力变压器技术参数和要求》《Technical Specifications and Requirements for Dry Type Power Transformers》

JB/T10008-2004《6kV-50OkV级电力变压器声级》《6kV~500kv Power Transformer Sound Level》
GUANGTIAN company can manufacture various types of Cast ResinDry Type Transformer, with single capacityup to 12500kVA andvoltage level 35kV and below, including sCB10 and SCB11andSCB12 and SCB13 series. UP to now,GUANGTIAN has producedmore than 22000 units, among them small capacity dry type transformerspecialized for substationis covering a biggest market share in China.

Technical parameter table