10kV dry type shunt reactor
Noise level: 52dB for capacity ≤ 150kvar, 55dB for capacity ≤ 3000kvar, 60dB for capacity ≤ 10000kvar
Temperature rise limit: 65K
Insulation level: li90ac42
Reactance deviation: reactance deviation ± 5% at power frequency current

The deviation between reactance value of each phase and average value of three-phase reactance is ± 2%

It can meet the requirements of high temperature, large temperature difference, much dust, heavy salt fog, easy condensation and humidity.
It can meet the grounding requirements of the system center point, that is, it can operate for 2 hours under 1.732 times of overvoltage.
It can meet the requirements of long-term use in closed case, and the measured temperature rise of product design test is 35% lower than that of the national standard value of 100k.
The reliability of long-term operation. During the service life of 30 years, there is no insulation failure under normal service conditions.

GB / T 1094.6 reactor
GB 1094 power transformers
IEC 60076 power transformers
Dry type shunt reactor with voltage level of 10kV and below and capacity of 10000kvar and below.

Technical parameter table