35kV dry type shunt reactor
Noise level: 55dB for capacity ≤ 2000kvar, 62db for capacity ≤ 15000kvar
Temperature rise limit: 65K
Insulation level: li200ac85
Reactance deviation: ± 5% at power frequency current
The deviation between reactance value of each phase and average value of three-phase reactance is ± 2%
The silicon steel sheet with excellent performance is used as the core material to ensure its good linearity.
The special core cutting, stacking and pouring process can effectively reduce the noise.
▲ZThe insulation structure to ensure excellent performance of reactor. The insulation effect is higher than that of ordinary products, especially the creepage distance of the products is greatly extended, and the insulation state of the coil is enhanced.

GB / t10946 reactor
GB 1094 power transformers
LEC 60076 power transformers

Dry type shunt reactor with voltage level of 35kV or below and capacity of 15000kvar and below.

Technical parameter table